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           Here at we celebrate and share the bios, quotes, and works of positive African American women.  As an African American male, and a single father, I have made it a point and responsibility of mine to expose my children,  especially my daughter to as many positive female images as I can, along with helping her discover her capabilities, her femininity and the girl power she possesses inside. 

           In order to make sure she not only grows to have pride in being a woman but also her ethnicity, I have always made sure to expose her to no lack of positive African American women, those who not only impose their talents onto the world but also their intelligence and their will. is my attempt to share these stories with all people.  Please Enjoy!
About Chocolate Rose

                     Juan Williamson
                CEO of Williamson, Inc.
    Editor-in-Chief of

    This site is dedicated to the most inspirational Chocolate Roses in my life:
                                 My grandmother and my mother

     Addie Lee Earnest-Breedlove                                 
​ Ella Mea Jones                                 
   is an Amazon affiliate.     All Amazon products can be ordered through our aStore here on our site. If you are and Amazon customer; we ask and would appreciate it if you would search for products and create your orders here through our aStore on our site. As you shop and add products to your shopping cart, at checkout you will be taken to the original Amazon site to complete your purchase through your normal account. Any small portion of funds we receive from orders processed through our site will be used to assist in funding the events our Chocolate Rose Foundation will have in the future for young African American women here in our Dallas communities. This way you will not only get the great products you love but also a portion of the funds you spend on your products will serve another great purpose in broadening the horizons of young women. Thank you very much.